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      Matt Tisdale

     I am a professional commercial Illustrator and painter living in Columbus, OH.

     I paint mostly in black and white with subtle hints of color.   I enjoy the monumental vignette composition that portraiture conveys.  I begin with a dark field of color and bring the light out of the painting surface.

      The art movement that my work best relates to is Surrealism or Fantastic Surrealism.  The defining characteristics within my work are just as important as the viewer’s interpretation of my paintings.  They advocate that descriptive expressions are vital, but that the sense of their arrangement must be open to a full range of imagination.  Surrealism as a visual movement had found a method: to expose psychological truth by stripping ordinary objects of their normal significance, in order to create a compelling image that was beyond ordinary formal organization.

Matt Tisdale

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Name: Matt Tisdale 
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Location: Columbus, OH, USA

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