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Forest Rogers

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Artist: Forest Rogers


I hope to imply strange worlds with this work, and to explore myth and legend. I�ve traveled an eclectic path. I studied stage design at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, earning an MFA in costume design. I worked with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, on their model dinosaur line for many years. Rigorous collaboration with paleontologists to achieve anatomical accuracy was grounding, and I believe that experience helps lend conviction in the creation of more fantastical beings. Add liturgical murals, a lifelong love of myth and folklore, a remarkable artist mother, a book-filled life, and the recipe for my work is filled in. I am invigorated by the imaginative realism and fantastic art world we are fortunate to enjoy now. The Golden Age of Kay Nielsen and Arthur Rackham was my childhood love, and I feel we have a related renaissance today. I�m grateful to be a part of it.
Name: Forest Rogers 
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