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Tsad De Lira

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About Tsad De Lira

Tsad (/CHad/) De Lira is a Concept Artist and an Illustrator based in Davao City, Philippines. He specializes in Pre Production and Character Design and has worked in-house as an Animator and Concept Artist for Ads, Games and Explainer Videos for several years.
At first glance, Tsad's style seems very playful and textural which tends to play on the realm of impressionism. But in a deeper sense, he tries to show subtle but functional silhouettes to convey the narratives. He loves the sensation of having the bits and pieces invite himself and the viewer to explore and experience the story, the lore; the world in his works.

Recently, Tsad enjoys working as a Freelance Illustrator and Character Designer for the fantastical fiction / fantasy and sci-fi art genres.

Name: Tsad De Lira 
Joined: February 2013
Location: Davao City, Philippines

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