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Thomas M. Baxa has been creating fantasy creatures that haunt the imagination as an illustrator for over 27 years. His work has a creepy and often disturbing edge that appeals to fantasy and horror fans alike.

Tom is a published author of "Get Work as a Fantasy Artist", and "Blood Rituals: The Art of Tom Baxa". He currently lives in Los Angeles and is writing and painting his upcoming illustrated novel, while freelancing as an illustrator designing characters for games, books, miniatures, video games, and films. Clients include: Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft, and many more.

Tom is also bringing his flair for dynamic action and innovative character design to his expanding line of expressive personal paintings for exhibit at galleries and shows. His work can be seen at       

Name: Thomas Baxa 
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Blood Rituals: The Art of Tom Baxa, Get Work as a Fantasy Artist,,  Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: the Gathering, World of Warcraft tcg, Shadowrun, Vampire the Masquerade, Aliens vs. Predator, Van Helsing, more

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

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