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Bonnie Helen Hawkins

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Artist: Bonnie Helen Hawkins


Artist: Bonnie Helen Hawkins


Until recently I was an expressive oil painter, but that all changed a few years ago, when after recovering from a serious illness I started to create realistic, figurative and highly detailed drawings with pencil, coloured pencil and gold leaf, all of an imaginative or fantasy subject matter. I mostly draw inspiration from European folklore, Greek mythology, fairytales, ghost stories and films. Some of my current work is an interpretation of dreams and an exploration of childhood memories. Living and working in the UK my artwork now ranges from picture books, illustrated novels and fine art for gallery exhibitions. Creating a ‘sense of beauty’ is at the centre of my work. As an artist I feel it is my job to make a connection between people and the art; to give people a window into their imagination, a chance to express things without words and sometimes a look at their fear. I have recently completed 24 B&W illustrations for the modern fairytale "A Pocketful of Crows" by best selling author Joanne M Harris, published by Orion.

Name: Bonnie Helen Hawkins 
Joined: November 2017

Current projects include a second book for Joanne M. Harris to be published by Orion in 2018. An ongoing personal project is to consider the nature of dreams, using the image of birds to suggest other myths or larger meanings. Some of these images are reproduced as prints available from my website.

Location: UK

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