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Brian Reverri

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Artist: Brian Reverri


Artist: Brian Reverri


About Brian Reverri

I am an independent artist and visual concept design creator located in Pittsburgh, PA. My artistic focus is concentric with American Pop-culture and the imaginative realist art genre. I enjoy the fusion of modern graphic art with elements of medieval and ancient lore, spinkled with historic context. My typical medium is Chavant and Oil/Wax-based clays followed by molding and casting in two-part plastic, silicone or latex-based materials. The paint work is done in house with a combination of acrylic, enamel and oil washed paint combinations. In my spare time, I do more of this.

Name: Brian Reverri 
Joined: November 2017

Early Morning, Pre-Coffee Mr. Voorhees

Kalkriese, Saltus Teutoburgiensis, 9 CE

Kraken in the Mist

I Dream of Lizards

A Shrunken Head's Tragedy

He used to be nice guy...


The Unmoldable (It Came From Below)

Caught in Headlights (Submersible Headlights)

Location: 28 Setter Place, Bethel Park PA 15102

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