Infected By Art Book - Volume 6

Daimonfist ®

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Artist: Daimonfist ®


An illustrator profoundly in love with fantastic and dark illustrations.

The illustration of dark, sinister and aberrant forms has guided my path across the art, this interest is recurrent not only in my work but in a great part of my life, through my work I pretend to show what I feel, think and perceive about this world. However with all of these I don’t pretend to please anyone, I only want to run wild my interpretation of that collective imagination that lots of people hide and just a few declare. ThereforeDaimonfist is a bet that grows as far as it gets known and explores the lands of illustration, design and comic, working these proposals over many techniques such as digital art, pencils or watercolors.

Name: Daimonfist ® 
Joined: November 2017
Location: Bogotá - Colombia

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