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Tiffany Dae

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About Tiffany Dae

Born in Hawaii to an Indian father and Cuban mother, Dae was spirited away from these magical lands before the age of eight to grow in the suburbs of Central Florida. Since then, she’s had a fascination with visiting other realms. Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland and J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World have always made perfect sense to her. Raised with a passion for culture and environment, she’s evolved masters’ classical oil painting techniques into modern imaginative form. Dae studied classical painting techniques at the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle, WA. With each painting, Dae aims to create a world that can challenge the influx of information presented by the media. Her process takes that everyday noise and transforms it into mindfully thought-provoking pieces. Through hours of processing media and compiling still images, digital studies are created and then transformed into realistic paintings.

Name: Tiffany Dae 
Joined: November 2017
Location: Seattle, WA

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