Infected By Art Book - Volume 6

Shawn E Russell

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Artist: Shawn E Russell


Artist: Shawn E Russell


Artist: Shawn E Russell


About Shawn E Russell

Shawn is a full time artist and mom living in the greater Chicagoland area with her husband, daughter, two leopard geckos and rescue cat. 
Born in Florida and raised in the American Midwest, Shawn is a wildlife and fantasy artist who draws inspiration from travel, scuba diving, nature documentaries, and animated films. She specializes in creating creatures and characters with a fantastic twist.
Shawn graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor's degree in Studio Fine Arts has worked as an independent freelance artist since 2011.
Name: Shawn E Russell 
Joined: November 2017

-Received a Bronze Award in her category for Infected By Art's 6th Art Annual in 2017

- Semi-Finalist winner for "Campfire Stories" - a Deviantart/Disney/Pixar online contest 2015 


Location: Chicago IL USA

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