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Eeva Nikunen

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About Eeva Nikunen

Eeva Nikunen is an artist and illustrator, born and living in Finland. Much of her work is inspired by the tales and imagery of Northern folklore, as well as the timeless stories of heroes and heroines found in classic English literature.

With the emphasis on detail and the use of intricate brush and pencil work, her paintings and drawings are reminiscent of classic fairytale illustrations where human and animal creatures alike possess a magical and dreamlike quality.

Eeva completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree with the emphasis on design studies at the Institute of Art and Design in Vantaa, Finland. Her work has been exhibited at art festivals and conventions around Europe and at The Haven Gallery in New York. Her work has also appeared in publications such as Infected by Art and ImagineFX magazine.

Name: Eeva Nikunen 
Joined: June 2017
Location: Finland

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