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Matt Smith

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Artist: Matt Smith


Artist: Matt Smith


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I am a classically trained artist, having been at Watts Atelier for 12 years. I have been an instructor there for the last 6 years. I was raised in Upstate New York and received my BFA in Illustration in 2003. It has been at Watts, however, where I have developed the skills necessary to create the works I produce today. I co-authored a book for 3DTotal called "Art Fundamentals" where I drew and wrote the anatomy section. I have worked with a variety of clients creating fantasy and horror illustrations as well as designing art for high end apparel companies. I enjoy teaching. It is a pleasure to assist students and watch them mature in their art. It helps me grow and improve my own skills as well. It is my hope to inspire and encourage them no matter what their skill level might be. Oil paint, charcoal and graphite are my favorite mediums. I am currently working on new paintings and drawings, inspired by some of my favorite Old Masters.
Name: Matt Smith 
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