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Chris Ams

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Artist: Chris Ams


Artist: Chris Ams


About Chris Ams

Chris Ams is a multi- disciplinary, award-winning illustrator and fine artist. His passion is for creating vibrant, dynamic art that touches on our shared connection to the natural world, and working with clients to bring their bold, ambitious projects to life in ways that energize, engage and inspire their fans.


He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY with his husband, Will and his dog, Cosmo. 




Hyperallergic Magazine - 2015

Scene 360 Magazine - 2015

Infected By Art: Volume 4 - 2016

Scene 360 Magazine - 2016




RAW Arts: Brooklyn Visual Artist of the Year - 2013

Scene 360 Magazine : Top 10 Reader Submissions of the Year - 2015


Name: Chris Ams 
Joined: December 2015




Location: Brooklyn, New York

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