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john kayrouz

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Artist: john kayrouz


Artist: john kayrouz


About john kayrouz

My work examines the overactive imagination; its effects on the creative process as well as a home for personal insecurities. I want to ask the viewer what is more liberating: the removal of our demons or the recognition of them? Can our fear be embraced and used as a wellspring of strength? My hope is to unlock the viewer’s repressed maelstrom of emotions from a base of patience, compassion and love. The viewer can delve into their conflict – exploring their darker self - and connect with their heart. This dialogue with the sensual world develops emotional authenticity: seeing and feeling things for what they are without attaching unnecessary meaning

He has exhibited in numerous group shows including: Site:Brooklyn, the Royal Nebeker Gallery, UNC Asheville, and with the Durham Art Guild.

Name: john kayrouz 
Joined: December 2014
Projects: John Kayrouz: Peacemaker This is a solo show of my work on display at The Carrack Modern Art in Durham, NC 11/29 - 12/10. This work is about the body, sexuality, self love, and the contemporary masculine form.
Location: Durham, NC

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