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Brian Brinlee

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Artist: Brian Brinlee


Brian Brinlee has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2001. After a disasterous time in college pursuing a graphic arts degree, he realized he was mentally wired to be an illustrator. He first started out as a penciler for several independent comic books before expanding into the rpg industry. In addition to comics and game art, he has also created several book covers for publishers and independent authors. When working on projects that require color, he switches between traditional and digital medium, depending on the project.

Brian currently resides in Texas where he likes to work on personal pieces between doing comics and game art.

Name: Brian Brinlee 
Joined: December 2015

RPG Illustrator working with several companies such as Rio Grande Games, Jon Brazer Enterprises, Purple Duck Games, and several others. 

Current penciler on the independent comics Sky Pirates of Valendor and Resin.

Location: Texas

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