The Art Order - Warriors and Amazons: A Tribute to Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell

Boris and Julie have rocked the art world for years. They are most well known for their powerful images of stoic warriors, beautiful amazons and fearsome monsters. Their exquisite use of color and texture elevate the imaginative realism of their works. Their works can be seen through out the fantasy and sci-fi illustration world. They have worked for virtually every major publishing house with a SFF line, and can be seen on album covers, comics, video game art, motion picture advertising, and my favorite annual calendar.

Now, as if their careers aren’t full enough already, there are also tireless teachers and mentors. I’ve had the honor of watching them in their element at programs like the Illustration Master Class (IMC), and have seen them interact with students and professionals at numerous events. Plain and simple, they are just great people…

…and I think it is time that we, as a community, thanked them for their contributions. So Veronika and I dreamed up an ArtOrder Challenge and Tribute Art Show to give folks an opportunity to join in and play along with us.

The ArtOrder Challenge

Much like the Frank Frazetta ArtOrder challenge, this one comes with a built in theme - the works of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell!

Challenge Concept

This is a tribute to Boris and Julie, we’re looking for pieces that pay your respects to their work. Create a piece that is evocative of their work but not a carbon copy or literal rendition of it. It must convey the essence of their distinctive work. Both Boris' and Julie's compositions are strong and based on classical principles, masterpieces of energy and color. Epic and powerful. Images must be more than just a repaint of a reference image. Use your own style and voice to create your piece - maybe you take on one of their iconic themes, or do your take on subject matter that they are famous for, or maybe you have a more unique and creative way to pay your regards. The options are numerous…just be creative!

Artists will retain all copyrights to their submitted works.


Deadline - December 15, 2015
Medium - Any medium will be accepted
Size - Any size will be accepted
Submission process & specs - Submissions must be submitted through the InfectedByArt art challenge process. Digital files for submission should be no smaller than 600x600 px. Dimensional works should be submitted as a single image that has one large image of the piece, and smaller details/views to give the judges a good understanding of the piece.
NOTE: All submissions are required to include media, and size information in the submission description to be elegible for inclusion in the art show.

Restrictions - Artists can submit multiple pieces, but it is highly encouraged to value quality over quantity.

The Gallery Provocateur Art Show

About the gallery:

Gallery Provocateur is a not for profit gallery dedicated to promoting the arts and giving back to the art community with a low commission rate and nominal fees. 
The gallery in a beautiful renovated Art Deco 1920's ballroom complete with its original tin ceiling and mouldings. 

The gallery's mission is to offer opportunities for artists and art enthusiasts, bring art to the masses, promote self-expression and break the negative stereotypes that are so often associated with the arts and figurative work.
Gallery Provocateur exhibits a genre of work influenced by illustration, fantasy, subculture, comic books, pop culture imagery and the feminine mystique. We represent a mix of emerging and career artists with an emphasis on cultivating new talent and creating an environment where artists can further develop their work. We are a not for profit gallery due to our dissatisfaction with conventional galleries charging high percentages of their artists work, while offering the same in an uninviting, stark environment. Gallery works exhibited are primarily figurative with a strong composition.

The unconventional approach has helped shape our gallery's commitment to offering our space as one that encourages exploration and offering art forms which are massively underappreciated. Gallery Provocateur remains focused on maintaining its mission of community, and commitment to providing our artists with a nurturing arena for experimentation and growth.

About the exhibition:
Exhibition slated to open February 5, 2016 (dates may be subject to change)

Exhibition includes, 2 month run of exhibition at gallery, 3,000 postcard mailer (postcards available for artists too), an opening weekend reception (featuring advance press review, black-tie barstaff, wine, refreshments and Hors DeOuvres'), press kits submitted to newspapers-magazines-television, and an online link to exhibiting artists permanently listed on the Gallery website (which receives on average of 20,000 visits a week), and last but not least...a closing reception/promotional event.


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