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Preston Stone

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Artist: Preston Stone


I live and work for the art of games. After earning a Bachelors of Art and Design from the University of Northern Colorado in 2013, I worked as a freelance illustrator for card games, RPG's, and independent video games in the fantasy sci-fi genre until December of 2017, when I made the move into art direction. I am currently a proud member of the Fantasy Flight Games art direction team in Roseville, MN. 

Name: Preston Stone 
Joined: April 2014
  • [Knight Errant Games]: Heroes' Tears RPG 
  • [AEG] Romance of the Nine Empires, Legend of the Five Rings  
  • [Fantasy Flight Games] KeyForge, L5R, Lord of the Rings LCG, Call of Cthulhu TCG, Star Wars RPG, Arkham Horror LCG, A Game of Thrones LCG, Runebound. 

Art Direction:

  • [Fantasy Flight Games]: Keyforge, Arkham Horror LCG, Star Wars: Armada, Star Wars: X-wing 2.0, Starwars: Legion, Star Wars RPG, Genesys, Legend of the Five Rings card game, and Legend of the Five Rings RPG (Mask of the Oni)
Location: United States

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