If you are a digital artist, there are a ton of options out there for you to experiment with, but ArtRage captured my attention a while back with I started seeing the images that Robh Ruppel was creating with it. Check out the "ArtRage 2" blog entry - the piece is a great study, but what I really like is what he wrote - "it's great if you want to train your eye and practice color matching the hard way." So when the folks at ArtRage contacted me about my potential interest at teaming up for an ArtOrder Challenge, it didn't take long for me to agree to join forces for something fun.

This ArtOrder Challenge is going to be a little different. Normally I tend to leave the tools and mediums wide open. This time, you are limited to using ArtRage as your tool for image creation. Don't worry, you don't have to purchase the program to play along though - you can use the free ArtRage 4.5 demo available for Windows and Mac here: http://www.artrage.com/demos/! While I've limited the tool - you still have lots of space to play. ArtRage allows you to paint with thick oils that smear and blend naturally, draw with pencil and chalk that reacts to the texture of your canvas, and get realistic results without needing to resort to post-processing techniques.

In addition to having the entire arsenal of ArtRage tools at your command, I'm also going to keep the theme rather loose and open this time around - "colour and texture" is the theme. These are some of the strengths of ArtRage, and you should be able to play easily in this realm...if your imagination is up to the task.

Who: The challenge is open to anyone that wants to play along. The only requirements are that you must use ArtRage to create your image, stick to the theme, and be ready to have some fun.

What: If you are using the demo version of ArtRage, you are limited to exporting your images as JPEG's, at a maximum of 1280x1024 pixels (you can create larger canvases, but you can’t save them). So keep that in mind when planning your drawing. That is more than large enough for our purposes though! Each artist is limited to 1 (ONE) submission!

When: The challenge starts now! Deadlines and important milestones are outlined below:
• Deadline for submissions - Feb 23rd, 2015, 6PM GMT
• Deadlines for voting - Mar 1st, 2015, 6PM GMT
• Announcement of winners and finalist - Mar 6th, 2015

Where: As is usual, all submissions must be made through the InfectByArt.com site. DO NOT wait until the last second to create your account and upload your submission. Murphy has a nasty habit of causing those folks mischief and mayhem…and there will be no rescues this time around.

Why: Why should you take part in this ArtOrder challenge? Well, here’s a couple of reasons…
• You can learn a new tool
• You can get your work seen by a note-worthy jury panel and a bunch of lurking AD’s and editors
• You can learn a lot about yourself during the process. We often get so caught up in the outcome of our creative efforts that we sometimes forget that the real discovers come during the creative process – not at the end!
• Prizes!! Yes, we have prizes this time – courtesy of ArtRage. Sure, you won’t get rich off them, but you weren’t doing this to get rich, right?
1st prize - $150 USD
2nd prize - $100 USD
3rd prize - $50 USD

Robh Ruppel, Art Director at Naughty Dog Games on the Uncharted game series & Illustrator
Richard Anderson, Senior Concept Artists at Rocksteady Games, and  illustrator
Mark Molchan, Illustrator
Kim Taylor, Illustrator
Hannah Starrett Wright, ArtRage community manager
The World!!

I often get asked, why did I pick the judges I did – well this time I’m gonna tell you why. Robh is the first artist that showed me that ArtRage could be used as a serious visualization tool, and our walks through streets and alleys have taught me that he is a genius at breaking down and distilling color and texture. Richard leapt to my mind as soon as I settled on the theme. His work embodies the ideals of color and texture. Mark and Kim were chosen because they both use ArtRage, but in two very different ways – giving us the opportunity to get some fresh perspectives on ArtRage in use. Hannah is my touchstone for ArtRage and was excited to be a part of this event. And since ArtRage has some skin in the game – they definitely get a voice. Last but not least – the world! I’m going to turn on the public voting on IFA, and let the public have a voice as well. So make sure you fire up your social network and get your friends, family and fans to come vote for their favorite pieces….hopefully yours!

Judging is a simple thing. Each of the judges and the total public vote will advance their top five picks in ranked order. Each finalist will receive a point value based upon their rank in each list – 5 points for 1st, 4 points for 2nd, etc. Once all the points have been doled out, I’ll tally up the final totals, resolve any ties, and choose the top five finalists, and the three cash winners. Simple, right?

ETC:  Some additional info, tips and tricks
• All rights and ownership of submissions remain with the creator
• ONLY new artworks will be eligible for entry
• The artist must NOT use any characters, likeness, logos, etc. to which they do not have the right of use.
• By submitting, you are granting ArtOrder the right to publish the image on the ArtOrder site, and for use of promotion of this contest and site.
• All other usage or transfer of rights must be made with the respective creator.

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