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Born in nineteen eighty-two, in northern California. Peter, works primarily with ink, using both modern and ancient tools to produce his illustrations. Over the coarse of his life, Peter was trained in multiple schools of art including. Painting, sculpture, and drawing. Finding He excelled at ink illustration, he has developed many styles. Including techniques used in the earliest illustrations to the modern styles of comicbook and pop illustration. Favoring the methods and styles of 16th to 19th century illustration, Peter often spends fifty or more hours on single pieces. Putting a level of care and concentration into each line and each dot of the precice and intracately detailed images. Though, some of his artistic tallent came naturally. Drawing and marking on every surface withen reach since he could crawl. Peter has taken exstensive schooling and training in art over the coarse of his life. From private lessens thoughout primary school to after far too much time spent in college, being rewarded a baccalaureates degree in the arts.  

Name: Peter Newman 
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I have a few ongoing projects, including a beastiary of deities from the mythos of H.p. Lovecraft, as well as a illustrating Dante Aligheiri's Infirno. 

Location: United States

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