The Sigil of the Gateway by Peter Newman

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The Sigil of the Gateway Artwork by Peter Newman
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Total Votes: 9

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Title: The Sigil of the Gateway
Date Created: June 2014
Copyright: © Peter Newman
Genre: Illustrated
Mediums: Ink
Views: 984
Posted: 11/28/2014

About the Artist

Peter Newman
Member Since November 2014

Projects: I have a few ongoing projects, including a beastiary of deities from the mythos of H.p. Lovecraft, as well as a illustrating Dante Aligheiri' s Infirno.

Location: United States

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7" x 10" ink illustraion on heavy stock. Depicting the inscription on the gateway and the cthulhus prayer.    "In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming."  "Beyond the Gate dwell now the Old Ones; not in the spaces known unto men but in the angles betwixt them."

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