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Ever since I was a child, my passions have always been the same; Art, Wildlife, and Fantasy.  As a kid I would explore the lake behind my house in the morning, come home and flip through my brothers’ RPG manuals in the afternoon, and then stay up all night and draw creatures of my own creation, based on the animals I saw and the monsters I read about earlier that day.  As I grew older and found my daily activities changing very little, it became obvious that I should pursue a career in fantasy and wildlife art.

My formal art training began in earnest after college, when I started attending the Watts Atelier of the Arts in San Diego, CA.  Both the quality of work and the caliber of the instructors at the Atelier led me to push myself harder in my art than I ever had before, and after several years at the school I was selected to become an instructor.  The welcoming environment of the school and the personal connections and interactions that accompany teaching led me to quickly fall in love with art instruction.

I now reside in San Diego with my wonderful wife, fantastic son and slew of adopted pets.  My days are spent illustrating fantasy work, teaching at the Watts Atelier, running wildlife art workshops, and enjoying the company of my family.  As an avid naturalist, I still find time to explore the outdoors; and as a fan of fantasy and art, I’m still flipping the pages of those RPG manuals and creating my own creatures, forever influenced by my love of nature.

Name: Tom Babbey 
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  "The expansive civilizations of mankind are long fallen and forgotten, a victim of their own hubris.  As arcane fallout soaks the land, the centuries and millennia pass by. The world gives rise to new and unique creatures. Magic works in tandem with natural selection, and mana-touched species thrive alongside their natural counterparts.

Welcome to the Encroaching Wilds."

While "The Encroaching Wilds" was born from my three passions (Painting, Fantasy settings, and Wildlife), It’s my love for wildlife in particular that led me to conceive this project. There’s a certain magic and wonder that exists in our natural world, a magic that I feel is taken for granted far too often. We’re desensitized to just how special a creature’s adaptations for survival can be. I hope, by approaching fantasy creatures and monsters with a naturalist’s eye, that I can bring the viewer to rediscover some of the magic that exists in our own natural world.

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