Infected By Art Book - Season 2 FAQ

Q: How do I Enter in the Infected By Art (IBA) competition?
A: Entering the IBA Competition can't be easier, simply fill out the On-line form, agree to the Term and Conditions and upload your most incredible art. Once your Art has been posted on our website, you have entered the competition and the public can start voting for your art. You can also send links of your Art to all your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc. Remember, the top 3 Images voted on by the Public automatically make it into the book and will be awarded Cash Prizes. (Click here to get started)

Q: What's unique about Infected By Art?
A: Infected By Art is the only Art Contest to offer On-line submissions AND Cash prizes, as well as Publication in our up-coming Art book.

Q: Who can enter?
A: Anyone in the World. We believe that by having this contest take place on the Internet, much more Amazing art will be seen by everybody, and that is the goal of Infected By Art.

Q: Are you looking for Professional or Emerging Artists?
A: The answer is both! We simply want the most incredible art in the world. Anyone is welcome to enter the contest, but no one, regardless of who they are, or what they have drawn, is guaranteed that the Jury or the Public will select their art.

Q: What are the Cash Prizes?

A. Jury Panel Prizes: Grand Prize Winners covering ALL categories are voted on by the Jury.

1st Place: Grand Prize Winner: $5,000 and the Cover of the IBA softbound edition.

2nd Place: Grand Prize Winner: $1,500

3rd Place: Grand Prize Winner: $750

Internet Voting Prizes: Top 3 Images receiving the most Internet votes by Contest end date receive Automatic entry in the IBA book.

1st Place: - Grand Prize Winner: $1,500 and the Back Cover of the IBA softbound edition.

2nd Place: Grand Prize Winner: $750

3rd Place: Grand Prize Winner: $500

Q: What are the Awards?

Fantasy: Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards.

Horror: Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards.

Science-Fiction: Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards.

Illustrated: Gold, Silver, Bronze awards.

Un-Published Art: Gold, Silver, Bronze awards.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards in each of the Categories will receive a full page in the IBA book dedicated to that image.

Q: What are the Categories for Submission?
A: There are several different categories, however we do not offer a sculpture category:

  1. Fantasy
  2. Horror
  3. Illustrated
  4. Science-Fiction
  5. Un-Published

Q: What are the IBA guidelines for un-published art work?
A. Any Art Image published on paper in an overall print run of less than 1000 copies at the time of entry, qualify for the IBA competition. Underground Printing or Self Printing of Images of less than 1000 copies is also eligible. Any art image seen primarily on the internet and adhering to the above guidelines is also eligible.

Q: What if I'm not sure which category my art goes in?
A: There is really no right or wrong answers to this and sometimes art can overlap into several different categories. As an example, an image of Conan fighting some Robots could fall into the Fantasy Category or the Sci-fi category. The choice is clearly up to the artist, but you can only enter your art into one category.

Q: How does internet voting work?
A: When you register to vote you will receive 3 votes that you can use to pick your favorite images. You may change your votes as often as you like as new images are uploaded to the site. You cannot vote for your own art.

Q: Why are there entry fees?
A: IBA is the ONLY compilation Art Book that truly gives back to its Artists, and that's expensive:

  1. We are offering over $10,000 in Cash Prizes as well as many other amazing prizes.
  2. The fee for each Image upload is the lowest of any contest that we know of, especially with our 5th and 10th images being absolutely free!
  3. The Cost of printing this High Quality book, Marketing it, and making it available throughout the Country is insane! In fact, we expect to lose money the first few years of competition.
  4. We offer large 1 or 2 images per page in the book. We do not want TINY images of your art tucked away with 4 or 5 other images on a single page. Each amazing Image in this book is a celebration of your talents and should be displayed as such.

Q: Can I draw images of my favorite Super Heroes?
A: Yes and No: YES you can draw your interpretations of Copyrighted materials and enter the contest, this is called (Fan Art), but you can NOT profit from the sale of that image. IBA can NOT publish any work that potentially infringes on the copyrights of another person or company unless you have a written release. In other words, if you want to submit an image of Superman, you have to get the permission from the copyright owner. Art featuring licensed characters that appears in Infected By Art does so with the written permission of the Copyright holder. (See Copyrights under Terms and Conditions)

Q: What is Fan Art?
A. Fan Art is when someone draws their Interpretation of a Copyrighted Character or Images. Examples of Copyrighted Characters are images you see in Comics, Movies, Books, Magazines, etc. Just because you don't see the Copyright logo next to the image, it does NOT mean the image is not Copyrighted.

Q: Can my Fan Art get published in IBA art book?
A. No: Fan Art that does NOT have Copyright permission will be rejected for consideration into the final Compilation art book.

Q: Who owns the Copyrights to the Image(s) I submit into the IBA contest?
A: You do, unless of course you are infringing on the rights of an already Copyrighted Character or image. Also, by entering your Art into the IBA contest, you are granting us permission to display it on our Website, publish it in our book and/or use it to promote said book and/or website. (See Copyrights in Term and Conditions)

Q: How is my art protected?
A: We never show your full size artwork to the public. When you upload your entry we save 3 different sizes that are used various places on the IBA site. The fullsized file is only to be used by our judges for the judging at the end of the competition. 

Q: Does everyone who submits Art Image into the Contest get into the IBA book?
A: The simple answer is No. There are 2 ways to get your Art into the IBA book.

  1. Votes from the Public. The top 3 Images with the most votes from the Public at the end of the contest automatically make it into the book. So make sure you tell your friends, via the social media, that your art is in this contest.
  2. Jury votes. Our incredible Dream Team Jury votes on their favorite Images. At the end of the contest we tally up those votes and the top images make it into the IBA book. We believe this Jury, all who have been doing Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Illustrated Covers and Comics for a combined 100 years, are the Pinnacle in the Industry and represent a diverse range of the art that the IBA is looking for.
  3. If any of the 3 images that were Voted on by the Public happen to be also part of the Jury's selection, then an additional number of Art images (from 1-3) from the Jury's voting, will subsequently be selected and added into the book.

Everybody doesn't get in, regardless of their past work, reputation, or credentials. We want art that moves the Audience and evokes a response like, "That Art is Amazing! I want that on my Wall."

Q: Do you notify artists that they have NOT been accepted into the book?
A: Yes, we will notify everyone via email whether or not your Art Image has been accepted for publication. Obviously the top 3 Images voted on by the Public at the end of the contest date will be the easiest to see if they have made it into the IBA book.

We do NOT believe it is an acceptable process NOT to let you know if your Art has not been selected. Therefore, for each Image that you submit into the IBA contest, you will receive an email confirmation letting you know whether it IS or was NOT accepted for publication at the conclusion of the contest.

Q: How many Art Images can I submit?
A: That is completely up to you, but the maximum is ten. You should submit your best Art, period! If that is one Image or ten, only you can decide what you feel represents your best work. You should also submit what you can afford: Please do NOT submit more than one image if you feel it will put you in debt. For this reason, IBA will not accept more than ten images by any one artist.

Q: If I submit ten images, can all my entries make it into the IBA book?
A: Technically, yes! Simply put, we want the very best Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy or Illustrated Art available from all over the World. Your art, whether you are a Professional or an Emerging Artist, will be displayed together with everyone else's art, and have equal chances of making it into the IBA book.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum image size?
A: There is no minimum or maximum image size, however, if your image(s) is selected to be a part of our book, we will need a hi-res image to print from. Therefore, when you upload your artwork to our competitions we will store an uncompressed copy of your file on a secure drive on our server that is not accessible by the public. It will only be accessed for jurying, or for printing.

Q: What type files can be uploaded?
A: Photos can only be in JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG formats!

Q: Do you critique my entries or tell me why my art did not make it into IBA?
A: We do not, sorry. It is impossible to provide personalized feedback on every submitted artwork. We do promise that every piece of art submitted will be reviewed by the Jury.

Q: Can I send my Entries by Mail or e-mail?
A: We're sorry, but no. We have designed this contest to be virtual. It is easy to upload images to our site from your computer. It is just not feasible for us to try to handle entries through e-mail or by submissions made through regular mail. If for any reason you are having trouble uploading images (Click here)

Q: Will you be selling copies of Infected By Art?
A: Yes, we will be taking pre-orders on-line when you submit your images or when you register. This pre-order will be for a whopping 45% off of the Cover price. IBA will also be available from most major bookstores as well as Amazon at the normal suggested retail price of $39.99.

Q: Will you offer Infected By Art as an on-line book?
A: Yes, the world of publishing has changed, and we are changing with it.

Q: Why are you using a Jury and not doing everything by Public Vote?
A: We believe we are getting the best of both Worlds by using Public Votes for the Top 3 images AND Jury voting for all the rest of the submissions. Each of our (Judges) have over 30 years of art experience in creating Comics, Magazines or Book Covers, and are truly legends in the Industry. We are very comfortable with having them on the Jury and picking the very best of all the submitted entries.

Q: How do you decide on what goes on the cover and back cover?
A: 1st Place Grand Prize winner voted on by the Jury will get the cover of Infected By Art. 1st Place Grand Prize Winner voted on by the Public will get the back cover, (unless this image contains NUDITY, which in turn will limit its exposure on book shelves. In that case the next image in subsequent voting that does NOT contain nudity will be considered for the cover and or back cover.

Q: Is Infected By Art affiliated with any other website?
A: No, we are not affiliated in any other websites, however, we have developed relationship with certain companies in order to Co-Market our contest.

Q: What is the criteria for winning the Master Visionary Lifetime Achievement Award?
A: To be eligible for the Master Visionary Lifetime Achievement Award, an artist has to:

  1. Have a career spanning at least 30 years.
  2. Maintained a high level of excellence and creativity in their work throughout the course of their career.
  3. Have inspired other artists with their visions of the art world.
  4. Still be alive.

Our members are encouraged to submit their nominations for this award.

Q: I'm an unpublished artist, will you publish a book of my work?
A: Sorry, we are only doing Compilation Art books at this time. However, we are hopeful that by entering the IBA contest, your art will be seen by thousands of people from around the world and that you can find work in comics, magazine or books because of it.

Q: Can I come watch the judging?
A: No. The voting is done On-Line by our Jury Panel.

Q: When is the Contest closing Dead-line date?
A. Midnight: November 24th, 2013 EST

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