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Heart and Sun Foundation [Non-profit]

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About Heart and Sun Foundation [Non-profit]

Heart and Sun Foundation is a non-profit entity which aspires to bring out, develop, popularize and encourage aesthetic, ethic and spiritual values both in the individuals and in society through Art. It is an independent non-political and non-religious organization that works to increase the awareness in the individuals of our global society.


The other goal of the foundation is to support the international town Auroville.


Heart and Sun Foundation has been founded by Lyubomir Dimitrov in May 2013. It's headquarter is in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Foundation publishes a free digital magazine with two distinct sections: a comic book and poetry.

Name: Heart and Sun Foundation [Non-profit] 
Joined: October 2013

Inner Space - a new-generation comic book and poetry

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

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