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Volkan Baga, born 1977, works as a contemporary artist since he graduated in 2002 from the University of Applied Sciences of Würzburg in Illustration. His classical, but at the same time contemporary style uses surrealistic and fantastic components. Among his mentors are Nicolai Sarafov, Erwin Grießel and Syd Mead. In 2005 he assisted American artist Donato Giancola in his studio in New York. Since that time, Volkan focuses on oil painting and works for art collectors, book and game publishers such as Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, the Random House Group and Ravensburger. 
Since 2005 he regularly contributes works to the internationally published trading card game "Magic - The Gathering“, which has since grown into a worldwide player base and community in the double-digit million range. Volkan's best-known Magic paintings include "Elspeth Knight-Errant", "Snapcaster Mage", the series of "Mox" artifacts and "Resplendent Angel."
Volkan’s works have been published in numerous international books, magazines and other publications like Spectrum: Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, Infected by Art and Art Renewal Center Catalog. In 2009 he won a Chesley Award given out for excellence in genre art. He won the Second Place Prize in the category "Imaginative Realism" of the Art Renewal Center Competition "2013-2014 International ARC Salon". One of his portraitures was selected for the exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery London by the Jury of the "BP PORTRAIT AWARD 2014" competition. Several other pieces of his works have been nominated for awards.
Volkan lives in his city of birth, the historic Würzburg and devotes himself to personal works of art beyond his commissions.
Name: Volkan Baga 
Joined: October 2013
Location: Würzburg, Germany

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