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Preston, who is a published artist, writer and educator originally from Louisiana,
works as a freelance illustrator, digital artist, graphic designer and voice over actor in
the Los Angeles area. He earned an M.F.A. (with honors) in Illustration from the Academy
of Art University in San Francisco and a B.A. in Applied Arts from the University of
Louisiana at Lafayette. He is experienced in creating book and magazine illustrations,
computer graphics/graphic design, fine art (portraits, landscapes, fantasy) and scenic
Involved with social issues and an avid artist rights advocate, he has been recognized
by the Los Angeles City Council for his volunteer work and contribution to
the growth of the arts in L.A. In 2013, one of his landscape paintings was chosen to
be published in North Light Books’ - Acrylic Works: Best of Acrylic Competition and
one of his portraits was selected for inclusion in the International Society of Acrylic
Painters Best of Acrylic International Competition. In addition, his illustration work got
an award from the Adobe Design Achievement Awards in 2011 and he received an
award of recognition from the Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society and the National Scholars
Honors Society in 2007. Also, he was honored twice with an Artistic Director Award
for Set Design/Scenic Art from the Valley Theatre League for productions of the Road
Theater Co.
His mural work can be seen in a project dubbed the “Hollywood Night Gallery”
on Hollywood Blvd. and in a mural honoring Bob Barker at CBS Studios. Some of
his scenic work can be seen at Venus Fort (a 60,000 sq.ft. shopping center in Tokyo,
Japan), the Paris Casino in Las Vegas and other venues around L.A. An exhibition
of his “Twisted Teddys” series took place at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles and his
award-winning work continues to be exhibited locally, nationally and internationally.
He has traveled extensively; living & working at times in Norway, England, Italy and
Artist Statement
Illustration and Painting allows me freedom to address some of the social ills
that plague our modern society and to paint what I feel, not necessarily what I see.
Having worked with drug addicts, the homeless, victims of sexual abuse, young people
who have been incarcerated, and having friends in the porn industry, I have definitely
seen some of the seedier side of life. I’ve seen how people can make a bad decision
and get trapped in that decision. They are unable to figure out how to get out of the
situation in which they find themselves. With that in mind, I aspire to achieve social
change with some of my art and inspire in the process.

Name: Preston Craig 
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