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Cassandre Bolan

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Artist: Cassandre Bolan


Artist: Cassandre Bolan


Hi, I am a quirky US-based  Illustrator who loves to paint empowered female characters in the Sci-fi and Fantasy genre. Usually, I like to do it at 4 a.m. with a bar of dark chocolate and a hot mug of jasmine tea!  I have always been interested in gender dynamics but became especially aware of it over the last seven years that I spend abroad in the international city of Dubai, interacting with women from every culture on the globe.  I am a big believer in painting what you believe, and I believe that the world needs diverse, strong, and imitable women in our movies, in our video games, and in our hearts.

I am a 2014 winner of the international L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future contest,  am published in Writers of the Future Volume 30, and am featured in issue 110 of ImagineFX magazine.  I am now working on a new art series that takes a fresh look at gender roles in classical mythology and how they affect our modern society.  It will be launched as a kickstarter campaign soon and then change the way the world thinks of women forever!

Name: Cassandre Bolan 
Joined: May 2014

My upcoming personal series, REVERSE MYTHOLOGY, a gender switch in classical mythology to start a visual conversation about gender roles in art and society.

Location: United States

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