The Art Order - Can Personal Work Pay?

The Process
The challenge process doesn’t really support the way I’m working with the rest of my  invitational poster artists, so we’ll have to adapt the process somewhat. I can't have the one-on-one conversations about what you’d like to do, how we can elevate it to something stellar and commercially viable, go through the whole creation process and have a lot of fun creating something awesome. Instead, we have to simplify the process. I still want to give you creative freedom though…so, let’s talk about content.

• First of all, you can’t use any copy written content. I don’t want to have to deal with lawyers and corporate approvals.

• I would encourage you to look at legends, lore, myths, & fairy tales as a potential basis for your design.

• You can use your own original IP, as long as you are willing to provide me the rights to print the limited edition posters.

• Consider the commercial viability of your piece. Look for subject matter that has a niche audience that you can target.

• There are no limitations on style, or medium, but you really want to have a distinct voice to endure yourself the best opportunity to rise above the noise.

The Details
All limited edition prints will be printed on 18x24 high quality, archival paper. The image can be either vertical or horizontal in format. There should be a minimum of 1” white border on all sides, and a minimum of 2 inches on the bottom to allow space for signing, signature, and security emboss.
If your piece is selected for publishing, you will have one week to return the contract, tax info, and a production-ready file (minimum of 100% at 300DPI, RGB, Tif or PSD)

For submission, I DO NOT need the final high rez file. Simply provide a jpg with minimal compression at no larger than 2000 pixels on the longest side.

The Pay-off
If your work is selected to sell in the ArtOrder store you will have the opportunity to earn some funds from your personal work. You will be given the same business opportunity as the rest of the invited artists (generous profit sharing plan). If you aren't selected, you've got yourself a stellar piece that you can use to generate buzz about your work, round out your portfolio, or find additional ways to turn it into a profitable venture for yourself.

Because I'm taking a financial risk by taking on a piece for the store, I wanted to go to call on two folks that I really trust to help me wade through the submissions.

Marc Scheff ( - Illustrator and responsible for many of the stellar limited edition prints created by Treehouse Brand Stores

Lauren Panepinto ( - Creative Director for Orbit Books, and queen of popular culture.

Both of the guys are the masterminds behind Drawn + Drafted as well. A amazing resource for any working artist.

Submission must be accomplished prior to 6pm EST, August 18rd, 2014
Judging will be announced August 26th, 2014 on ArtOrder

Links will be going live in the next few days on ArtOrder and Infected By Art for your submissions

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