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Reiko Murakami

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Artist: Reiko Murakami


Reiko Murakami is a Boston based fantasy artist. In her work she focuses on depicting undefinable emotions and communicating complex yet relatable emotional distress. Her statement resides between the layers in her work. Each piece of her art is the result of layering graphite drawings and tracing paper creating textures that hide and seal it. It is a process of making a statement and hiding some part of it, then revealing it again. Her art does not speak out loud. Instead, her work converses with the audience softly with a quiet and honest perspective.
Name: Reiko Murakami 
Joined: March 2014
Projects: Resonance Series - 2013 - 2018 Coasters Series - 2017 - on going Gaze Series - 2018 - on going Every Day Original - 2018 - on going READINGS: TAROT ART CELEBRATING THE SHORT STORIES OF SPECULATIVE FICTION WRITERS - 2019
Location: United States

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