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Jason Cheeseman-Meyer

Member Since October 2013

Jason Cheeseman-Meyer mixes the tactile and illusionistic natures of paint to capture motion and depict human existence.� When we look at matter, life, meaning, or art from a broader perspective, we find nothing is written upon a blank canvas.� Multiple streams of chaos collide to form each atom, each person, each thought, and each honest expression of art.�

Information is not simply transcribed from the mind to a blank surface.� A painting is a series of collisions: between the subject, the act and moment of painting, the skills and temperament of the artist, and the artist's knowledge (both visual and non-visual) of the subject and of physical existence as a whole.

Representational painting is one of humankind's first inventions: predating agriculture, predating the wheel.� Paint is an ideal tool for laying open the fantastic elements of human experience, lived and dreamed.

Name: Jason Cheeseman-Meyer 
Joined: October 2013

Location: Boston MA

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