The Green Knight by Cherrie Button

The Green Knight Artwork by Cherrie Button
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Title: The Green Knight
Date Created: 20/2/2015
Copyright: © CherrieB
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Acrylic, Colored Pencil, Mixed Media
Views: 462
Posted: 3/4/2015

About the Artist

Cherrie Button
Member Since January 2015

Projects: Bramble Brook Brownies, polymer clay creations Marquettes Puppets build over a wire arniture so they could be used for film or TV. Bramble Brook Puppets, hand and stick puppets in the stile of Brian and Wendy Froud Celtic Jewellry and Tattoo :design book, Pagan Sabbats : grown up colouring artbook make up of paganin inspired black and white images you can colour and compare to my own finished work Fairytails and Spotted Snails, children' s story book that rhymes Trolls Tales and Spotted Snails : follow up to the above Spotted Snails and Slimy Tales : as above

Location: Nottingham, England

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My take on the classic ledgend worked up in my own mixed media approach. This image will have its first public showing at the glastonbury spring avalon fairy fayre and ball later this month.

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