Anguis, "Concept Art" Entry by Sonia Leticia

Anguis,  Concept Art  Entry Artwork by Sonia Leticia
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Title: Anguis, "Concept Art" Entry
Copyright: © Sonia Leticia
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 582
Posted: 1/12/2015

About the Artist

Sonia Leticia
Member Since January 2015

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" A high class, well dressed, serpent master named Anguis. She has a touch of serpent blood in her own veins, creating a bond like no other with her companion. She travels around her kingdom with her gliding serpent companion, using her trusty jetpack. They enjoy their evenings hunting the skies together with Anguis' decorative crossbow. " Entry for Reckless Deck challenge for the Concept Art category. Random cards drew: Jetpack, Petticoat, Animal Companion, Crossbow, Reptile Attributes. 

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