The Art Order - Reckless Deck Challenge

Any medium accepted. Artists must own copyright of all content.

The challenge is pretty straight forward - create a image based upon the random set of cards you are assigned (see more about this below). I suggest playing it straight. Joke concepts kind of dilute the usefulness of this resource - though doing a serious take on your card set isn't a requirement. There will be four categories that you can enter in, and you can enter one image per category.

Concept - image should be of the character only or a group of characters based upon the same concept ( for example - a soldier, his captain and general). No background. Character should be in a neutral or t-pose as is typically used in concept art.
Illustration - image should be a full illustration, with character(s) based on the set of cards, background, enviroment, and visual narrative.
Z-Brush or other digital sculpt - provide a jpg of the character showing three views (front, back & side).
Physical Sculpture - provide a jpg of the character showing three views (front, back & side). Medium is not restricted.

Steve Argyle, Illustrator and Art Director for Legends of the Five Rings
Kate Irwin, Art Director for Wizards of the Coast
Matthew Kalamidas, Illustrator & Art Director
Anthony Kosar, Effects Make Up Artist, Director of Kosart Effects Studios, & winner of the SyFy Channel's FACE OFF 
Lauren Panepinto, Art Director for Orbit Books
Zoe Robinson, Art Director for Fantasy Flight Games

How this is gonna work:
We have pulled together a small subset of cards from the deck, and created a simple little randomizer that allows everyone to get their own custom set of cards. You simply hit this link, check out your set of cards, and then get to work. Make sure you write them down, save the images, or do a screen grab so that you can keep your cards on file.

NOTE: The "IN" card is a optional card for character development. It is a heavy-handed modifier, and is not required for this challenge, but it might be fun to take on the challenge of integrating it...
The remaining 4 cards are mandatory that they be used as part of the character creation.

Submission Details:
All submissions must be made through the Reckless Deck Submission page on Infected By Art.
You are limited to 1 submission per category.
Make sure you are happy with your submission. You are unable to update or swap out images.
Submission should be a high quality .jpg, no larger than 2000 pixels on it's longest side.

Submission Deadline:
January 12, 6pm EST

Judging will start on the 13th.
The winner(s) will be announced on the 19th.

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