Saving Grace by Alice Bolte

Saving Grace Artwork by Alice Bolte
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Title: Saving Grace
Date Created: August 2014
Copyright: © Alice Bolte
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Corel Painter
Views: 1068
Posted: 8/18/2014

About the Artist

Alice Bolte
Member Since July 2014

Location: Denver, Co

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Created in reference to white Magic the Gathering cards, drawing upon the standards and feel of the land color as well as the limitations of creating an impactful piece in such a small context. The idea of the card (or story behind the painting) is "saving grace": a card that is the player's last hope when otherwise, he/she would have faced certain defeat. This story is told by the desperate praying priest and the angel who has answered the call to defend with divine force. 

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