Red Apple~ A snow white story by immar palomera

Red Apple~ A snow white story Artwork by immar palomera
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Title: Red Apple~ A snow white story
Date Created: 07-31-2014
Copyright: © ImmarArt
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 570
Posted: 7/31/2014

About the Artist

immar palomera
Member Since July 2014

Location: United States

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Angie White should have never swallowed that pill. Beautiful, kind, intelligent: Angie was the perfect target for Scarlett Mann, editor of The Mirror magazine, New York’s hottest fashion magazine. No one can be more beautiful, fairer, than Scarlett. When Angie gets the job offer of a lifetime, she heads to New York and right into Scarlett’s trap. Models have been disappearing for months, and Angela is next on Hunter Maxwell’s, assassin-for-hire, hit-list. One Red Apple pill and Angie White tumbles into another world filled with darkness, demons, and dwarves. Meanwhile Detective Matthew Prince investigates the disappearance of the most beautiful models in the world. What’s the connection between the missing models and the rumored Red Apple? Will he solve the mystery in time to find Angie before it’s too late?

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