Mother and son by LILITH DIVINE

Mother and son  Artwork by LILITH DIVINE
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Title: Mother and son
Date Created: 2022
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Oils
Views: 92
Posted: 11/9/2023

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Member Since February 2022

Projects: Oil painting and charcoal drawing is always my first love and I live the art of tattooing as an extension of my
artistic vision. Painting save litterally my life and the world of the suffering Nature is preponderant in
my work. Skulls and animal parts mounted on human bodies prevail, creating non-existent
mythological figures that launch messages of denunciation. Bones and horns are a
complex and perfect architecture, in which I love to take refuge, as in primordial animal instincts. My ideal
of perfect beauty in a world ruined by social media and appearances. I want to represent today' s
superficiality and materialism that have made us forget our most ancestral origins (for this reason the
painted skulls are all of rare or extint monkeys and other animals found in museums). We never forget
the spirits and souls of our ancestors and that nature created us and we are destroying it now, otherwise
in the future we will be just skulls in a museum.
Between tattoos and the hardest job in the world, being a mom , I try to improve everyday day in a
never ending story made of much practice, seminars, experiments (now I&rsquo m producing my oil colors
by making

Location: SARDIGLIANO North Italy

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