Stagecoach of Seven by Kelley Hensing

Stagecoach of Seven Artwork by Kelley Hensing
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Title: Stagecoach of Seven
Date Created: 3.14.20
Copyright: © Kelley Hensing
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Oils
Views: 71
Posted: 12/11/2021

About the Artist

Kelley Hensing
Member Since November 2015

Projects: Kelley loves creating paintings and drawings, participating in gallery shows and art conventions,(IX being a favorite), working on commissions, freelance illustration and other interesting design projects.
Some of her favorite art projects over the years include:
An upcoming illustrated book for Suntup Press Editions
Her past art show with Last Rites Gallery NYC, including 24 original paintings and drawings
Showing with Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa, OK participating in themed shows throughout the year
Taking part in the yearly " Enchanted Brush" group show exhibition at the University of Findlay Mazza Museum
On-going participation with online gallery EveryDayOriginal
A past illustrated card game titled &ldquo Lost in R&rsquo lyeh&rdquo based on H.P. Lovecraft for Atlas Games
Multiple collaborations over the years with clothing company Marc Jacobs, including hand-painting and designing art for a line of limited edition clothing creating murals for their fashion show runway, office and on-site stages for events hand-painted signage and window displays for their NY stores, and painting live throughout the month of NY Fashion Week

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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Artist interpretation of the seven deadly sins: A proud look A lying tongue A lurking killer A wicked heart Swift to evil False witness Sowers of discord

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