Our Faerie of Inner Questing by Nicole Pisaniello

Our Faerie of Inner Questing Artwork by Nicole Pisaniello
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Title: Our Faerie of Inner Questing
Date Created: 9/2021
Copyright: © Nicole Pisaniello
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Pen, Ink, Watercolor
Views: 198
Posted: 12/10/2021

About the Artist

Nicole Pisaniello
Member Since December 2018

Projects: Illuxcon Showcase 2019,2020,2021 "The End is Nigh" group show at Light Grey Art Lab "Deep Within" group show at Gristle Art Gallery Darksome Market in Philadelphia "Infected by Art" Vol. 8 "Beneath the Waves" by The Art Order Solo exhibits at The Edgar Allan Poe Museum Co-Founder/Producer of RVA Krampusnacht Upcoming project- Illustrator for "Joy of Faeries" with Andrew Steed and Jon Carraher

Location: Richmond, Virginia

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A piece created for a group show called 'Deep Within' at the Gristle Art Gallery.

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