Jolly Old Saint Orc by Emily Hurst Pritchett

Jolly Old Saint Orc Artwork by Emily Hurst Pritchett
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Title: Jolly Old Saint Orc
Date Created: October 2021
Copyright: © Grinagog Games
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Digital, Photoshop
Views: 134
Posted: 12/8/2021

About the Artist

Emily Hurst Pritchett
Member Since December 2019

Projects: Village of Lights from Cedar Fort Publishing - Illustrator The Ride of Molly Tynes from Brandylane Publishers - Illustrator Oh Christmas from Cedar Fort Publishing - Illustrator Rescue Mission, Book 1 by Stephen Douglas - Cover design & illustrator

Location: Boston, MA

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After Santa and his elves finish their day in the workshop, they'd better remember to lock the doors... Or you never know who might try to take over the holiday for themselves. Will YOUR adventuring party be able to save Christmas this year?

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