The Dolls by John Guzman

The Dolls Artwork by John Guzman
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Title: The Dolls
Copyright: © John Michael Gunman
Genre: Horror
Mediums: Sculpture, Airbrush
Views: 237
Posted: 12/7/2021

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John Guzman
Member Since December 2021

Location: IL

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I create artworks inspired by true paranormal happenings. In the past i use to go ghost hunting. Unbeknownst to me, entities would follow me home. Over time the activity in my home grew and instead of cleansing the home, I made peace with thr entities. I beg;an to see visions and began making these sculptures with no previous art experience. These particular dolls i made contain dirt from actual haunted locations. Such as Batchelors Grove Cemetery and the Gary Demon House. My art pieces are known to move on their own and follow you with their eyes.

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