The Five of Cups by Coll C J Ellis

The Five of Cups Artwork by Coll C J Ellis
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Title: The Five of Cups
Date Created: 08/08/2021
Copyright: © CCJEllis
Genre: Horror
Mediums: Digital, Photoshop
Views: 86
Posted: 12/4/2021

About the Artist

Coll C J Ellis
Member Since December 2021

Projects: Over the years Ellis has produced work for WyrmWood Gaming and Eye of Newt Press and is awaiting the publication of their first book ' Welsh Monsters & Mythical Beasts' in March 2022.

Location: Cymru (Wales)

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The Devil card for the Wormwood Gaming Corrupted tarot Deck. Inspired by the Hindu Goddess Akhilandeshvari, also known as the broken goddess. She is in a constant state of flux. Forming and reforming. She draws her power from being broken. She represents a choice, while laying in pieces on the floor, with no idea how to move forward, you are actually at your most powerful. You are flowing in a new way and more open to change, this is an opportunity to become a new version of yourself.

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