Eight of Wands by Saskia Huitema

Eight of Wands Artwork by Saskia Huitema
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Title: Eight of Wands
Date Created: January 2021
Copyright: © (c) Saskia Huitema
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Acrylic, Ink
Views: 120
Posted: 12/1/2021

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Saskia Huitema
Member Since December 2017

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Eight flying fishes are in various stages of jumping with great speed out of the clear ocean�s water. They prepare to rush up underwater and as they break through the churning water surface they spread their fins and achieve momentum. Single-mindedly they arch their bodies up toward the glow of the full moon hanging in the sky like an orb. Quick and swift, up and up they go, unbounded from their limitations. Heedlessly and chaotically moving toward the greenish light, the sky spangled with stars and the moon, the object of their destination. Light is reflecting and shimmering on their scales and fins, saltwater is spraying all around and they are beautiful in their determination.

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