Basking in the Sun by Katie Croonenberghs

Basking in the Sun Artwork by Katie Croonenberghs
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Title: Basking in the Sun
Date Created: November 2019
Copyright: © Katie Croonenberghs
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Watercolor, Gouache
Views: 202
Posted: 11/29/2021

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Katie Croonenberghs
Member Since December 2019

Projects: Every Day Original main roster artist (2021-present) 2022 Oracle card &ldquo Crystals&rdquo for &ldquo 78 Tarot Magical - Tarot Deck & Companion Oracle&rdquo 2021 Tarot Card &ldquo Green Anole Page of Swords&rdquo for the popular &ldquo 78 Tarot Animal Limited Edition Tarot Deck&rdquo Tiny Dragons and Not So Tiny Dragons (2018) Self Published 6 art/sketchbooks (between 2008-2016) Self published paperback art book " Dragonbrushed" 2017 Multiple successful dragon based original art pin Kickstarters (2018, 2019, 2020) Monsters and Dames art charity book by ECCC (2016)

Location: Seattle

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14x18 inches, watercolor paper mounted to panel. Personal piece. Story: "Hundreds of years ago it was commonplace to see serpents perched upon the rocks, sunning themselves after a mid day meal. If you look through some of the old adventurer journals in the local library by the docks, you can sometimes find sketches of them by those who spent a lot of time out on the boats. Now though, no one I personally know has seen those giant wonders nor have I heard of any real sightings. Sometimes a boatman will mistake a large white drift wood as one, but beyond that there have been no accounts. Perhaps on some of the lesser traveled islands one or two might still be out there, sunning themselves where human eyes don't see them. But ah, there hasn't been any reason to check I 'spose, so no one has gone looking." - Jukel, marina attendant.

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