Rosa's Tears by Brian Vigue

Rosa's Tears Artwork by Brian Vigue
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Title: Rosa's Tears
Date Created: 11/29/201
Copyright: © Brian Vigue
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 277
Posted: 11/29/2021

About the Artist

Brian Vigue
Member Since August 2018

Projects: Currently I am hacking four of my favorite NES classics, the Dragon Warrior series, into a single mashup called " Alchemy" .

Location: Waterville, Maine

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An image inspired by a video game I'm working on. In short, a demon taunts our hero with a ruby dress made from tears of an NPC she's trying to rescue. As the player, of course you're going to try it on to see its stats, and this is a snapshot of that moment where her chest plate is replaced by the dress. It's a contrasting image but one with quite a story.

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