UMA & THE VIPER DRAGON by Jeff Echevarria

UMA & THE VIPER DRAGON Artwork by Jeff Echevarria
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Date Created: 05/21
Copyright: © Jeff Echevarria �
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Charcoal, Graphite, Mixed Media
Views: 300
Posted: 11/20/2021

About the Artist

Jeff Echevarria
Member Since October 2014

Projects: Currently working on various commissions, gallery pieces and specific work targeted for different conventions, shows including festivals.

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UMA & THE VIPER DRAGON �There is no hunting like the hunting that of the centaur, and those of us who have hunted armed centaurs long enough and loved it, never care for anything else thereafter.� �Vermithrax the Ancient . Illustration by: Jeff Echevarria . Charcoal & Graphite Powder Liquid Pastels, Gouache, & Acetone . � 2021� Jeff Echevarria

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