Amilcare II by Stefania Russo

Amilcare II Artwork by Stefania Russo
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Title: Amilcare II
Date Created: 2020
Copyright: © ©Stefania Russo, aka Illusorya
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Mixed Media, Watercolor
Views: 77
Posted: 11/9/2021

About the Artist

Stefania Russo
Member Since November 2012

Location: Italy

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[ Leave me gain pain alone. "Never. Your resilience is our blood" ] Lonely and melancholic. Elegant and dreamer. Amilcare loves classical music and reading, especially heavy fairytale tomes in indecipherable languages, in front of the fireplace, with fine luxury tea, to accompany his empty time. Its broken horn inexplicably producing leaves and gloomy eye flowers. Amilcare can't stand them, but those are the only friends he has, in his great mansion. They patiently listen his secrets, and then they die taking along with. - Inspired by classical painting: "A Man with a Drawing of Flowers" Portrait of Jacob Feitama Jr, Merchant in Amsterdam, Anonymous.

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