"CAN I KEEP HIM?" by Ron Stephenson

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 CAN I KEEP HIM?  Artwork by Ron Stephenson
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Total Votes: 102

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Title: "CAN I KEEP HIM?"
Date Created: 11-16-2013
Copyright: © (c) Ron Stephenson 2013
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Ink, Colored Pencil, Mixed Media, Photoshop
Views: 3139
Posted: 11/17/2013

About the Artist

Ron Stephenson
Member Since November 2013

Location: Northwood, New Hampshire

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A kid, smudged with dirt and ash, yet smiling from ear-to-ear, comes in from the field, dragging his ridiculously-huge find behind him. The mechanical dragon, with a look of guilt and submission, is tethered by a mere rope and a child's imagination. The question the boy asks of the viewer (in the doorway) is a simple one, "Can I keep him?" Basically, I took a B&W ink drawing I did in 2008 (of a mechanical dragon) and I built this from that. I changed the dragon's fierce facial expression to the one you see here, added the kid (who is full of character), created a background for them both, and everything else just fell into place. I hope you enjoy it!  :-)

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