Gazelf by Lee Joyner

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Gazelf Artwork by Lee Joyner
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Title: Gazelf
Copyright: © Lee Joyner
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Clay
Views: 1313
Posted: 11/5/2013

About the Artist

Lee Joyner
Member Since November 2013

Location: United States

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Her story is that she is in the forest with a larger creature. They are a pair, a team, tracking someone or something. I wasn't sure, but he would have been anthropomorphic as well. He is not all he seems, however, and as she's bending down to either drink from a pool, or check tracking marks for their quarry they are following, he is pulling out his weapon to make a quick end to her life, as he has turned or become corrupt, and planned this sinister act from the beginning of the trap. She is just now sensing the danger from her companion and is rising to react.

Chavant Y2Klay, 20" high.

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