Fairytale Bliss by Daria Aksenova

Fairytale Bliss Artwork by Daria Aksenova
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Title: Fairytale Bliss
Date Created: 2017
Copyright: © Daria Aksenova
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Pen, Ink
Views: 479
Posted: 12/8/2017

About the Artist

Daria Aksenova
Member Since December 2017

Projects: I currently show at galleries across the United States including Haven Gallery (Northport, NY), Paradigm Gallery (Philadelphia, PA), Modern Eden (San Francisco, CA), Antler Gallery (Portland, OR), Abend Gallery (Denver, CO) and Dark Art Emporium (Long Beach, CA). My work can be seen in multiple international publications, including magazines (ImagineFX, Beautiful Bizarre, Create!, & Pikchur) and art books (Infected by Art Volume 6 & 7) as well as a nomination for the 2019 Chesley Awards in " Best Three-Dimensional Art" category by the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA).

Location: Houston, TX

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Pen and Ink on hand-cut, layered, suspended paper. 9" x 9" (Framed to 10" x 10") This piece explores the self-delusions and loss of time that happen through stagnation, avoidance and uncertainty towards one's own decisions. It reflects the helplessness and unpredictability of relentless rumination that takes over the whole body like an invading fungus decaying from within. The character is withdrawing from herself, saddened by the realization yet not willing to consciously act. She is paralyzed by her own unrelenting doubts.

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