The Mountain page 14 by Zhan Cui

The Mountain page 14 Artwork by Zhan Cui
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Title: The Mountain page 14
Date Created: 06/June 2017
Copyright: © banmade
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Graphite Pencil, Photoshop
Views: 383
Posted: 9/22/2017

About the Artist

Zhan Cui
Member Since September 2017


Location: London

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Folklore graphic novel project: This graphic novel was based on a British folklore about a mountain, many years ago, tribes fight each other for a long long time until there are only two left because each of them has a giant fight for them, these two giants both thought themselves was the only one in this world until they meet each other, they are happy to know there is the same kind exist but war is the only thing gonna happen between them. This war last years until there is no meaning for doing it, the two giants are also sad for the hurting each other, at the end the war is folded up, giants fall in love with each other and lying on the ground together forever becomes a huge mountain. I chose pencil to make this graphic novel because the target audience of it was teenage adults, so I want the drawing comes out classic and solemn, conform to the aesthetic of adults.

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