Fairies of Paradise by Magdalena Proszowska

Fairies of Paradise Artwork by Magdalena Proszowska
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Title: Fairies of Paradise
Date Created: 17.08.2014
Copyright: © Magdalena Proszowska
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Corel Painter
Views: 737
Posted: 8/17/2014

About the Artist

Magdalena Proszowska
Member Since August 2014

Location: Germany

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The idea for the illustration was born after watching some documentary about birds of paradise. It is quite amazing that exotic island has perfect environment for birds to evolve all those unbelievable colors, so attractive to people as well. I imagined what if the island was actually home also for very fierce clan of fairies whom control population of less attractive birds. Here's the effect of my vision!

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