Impedance In Slumber by Debbie Hughes

Impedance In Slumber Artwork by Debbie Hughes
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Title: Impedance In Slumber
Date Created: 2021
Copyright: © Debbie Hughes
Genre: Horror
Mediums: Oils
Views: 228
Posted: 10/21/2021

About the Artist

Debbie Hughes
Member Since November 2016


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Impedance in Slumber is a piece about Global Warming. The word impedance is a perplexing term. In Science, electrical impedance is the measure of the opposition that a circuit presents to a current when a voltage is applied. A broader definition is "something that impedes; hindrance. I chose the word for its complexity. The woman represents humanity in a precarious state, a state of emergency and dire threat, but her demeanor is one of slumber, separated from the real world around her, resistant in a manner that is hindrance. The ground around her is a parched desert, the birds in the background are vultures. The sky behind her, ashen and grey like the color of burned forests. At her feet a dying plant has one tendril curled around her toe. It is the only section of the plant still alive. This plant depends on her, just as all life depends on our humanity, awareness and action. And equally, her life, our life depends on it. I have a whole series of works concerning our environment. Impedance grew out of that concern.

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